how does latebinding (com) work ?

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On 29 Oct 2001 13:03:37 GMT, Uwe Schmitt <uwe at> wrote:

>can anybody explain, how late-binding of methods of com-objects work
>internally ? What happens if I try to access a method that's not
>implemented at this point of time ? Normally one should get an
>error message....
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As i understand it not really since it's up to the caller. To use late
binding you call IDispatch::GetIDsOfNames and if this doesn't resolve
then there isn't anything to use.

GetIDsOfNames should return DISP_E_UNKNOWNNAME if one or more are
unknown and DISPID_UNKNOWN will be placed in the entry(ies) for which
the dispatch id is unknown, any other entries should be fine. This
makes it very much runtime which is a python-ly thing i suspect.

Platform SDK:Automation on the M$ developer's site should find it.
I've used it and it seems to work, can throw some code at you if you

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