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Wed Oct 24 14:10:10 CEST 2001

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>Leonardo B Lopes <leo at> writes:
>> 	I can't find a way to import the xpath library with python2.0. I can
>> see it in the right place, in the site-packages dir. I notice that there
>> is also an XML directory in the main distr. directory, so I tried moving
>> the dirs there too, but that didn't work. All I want to do is get the
>> two demos working. Does anyone have any idea
>> what is going on?
>Where did you get xml.xpath from? If you got it from 4Suite, it should
>be installed as site-packages/_xmlplus/xpath.

I had a problem installing 4Suite on Windows the other day. I believe
the installer should put some code (, maybe?) in _xmlplus so
that the main XML packages can pick up the extensions (this is certainly
what happens in my Debian install of an earlier version of 4Suite), but
for some reason the installer only created the extra sub-directories off
_xmlplus for xpath and xslt, so Python was unable to import xml.xslt.

What's in your _xmlplus directory, Leonardo?

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