wxPython and Tkinter

Martin Franklin martin.franklin at westgeo.com
Wed Oct 10 08:22:19 CEST 2001

Cameron Laird wrote:

> In article <3daa1aa8.0110080841.526a6cc2 at posting.google.com>,
> Jeffrey <jmsun at bioeng.ucsd.edu> wrote:
>>I was wondering if anybody knew if it was possible to have wxPython
>>widget be placed on a Tkinter Canvas Widget.  wxPython has a HTML
>>displayer and I wanted to display HTML on the Tkinter Canvas Widget.
> Yes and no.  No, I know of no one who has melded wxPython and
> Tkinter; however, Tk-ers have been experimenting with hybridized
> toolkits during the last year or so.  It would take serious, but
> finite, effort to provide the same for Python.
> Tkinter doesn't build in an HTML widget--I assume the htmllib-
> formatter combination doesn't satisfy you.  I thought PMW
> provided one, but now I can't find it.  The Tk people have a
> couple <URL: mini.net/tcl/2335 >, but I don't know that anyone's
> gone to the trouble of packaging them for Tkinter.

There is a VERY basic HTML veiwer (based on the Tk Text widget)
in PTUI (another IDE!)



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