Webware component (subwindow in page)

jacek czerwinski jacy at poczta.onet.pl
Mon Oct 22 16:37:32 CEST 2001

Let's imagine project (like SideBarPage). Page has:
a) banner area
b) calendard area
c) news area
d) joke of day area
Areas can be hidden, minimized, maximized, changed options, 
has owd session etc. Can have Search sub-object and other 
common  (same look adn feel). His own life. 
Every object developed by different programer

Master page integrate this objects via class interface.

Every area (sector ?) is serwed by Python object derrived from 
Component has methods:
a) init (register url-handler, posts, etc in parent ???)
b) print_html(max_min_mode)  - print own output without headers.
c) serve POST etc.
d) is_minimized(), is_medium(), is_maximized() etc.

Some of those features has publishable object in ZOPE family 

a) has Webware community such Class ?
b) if not - want Webware community such Class  ? (I can start 
such project) Some idea ?

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