help: Crossplattform audio functionality in Python

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Thu Oct 11 19:48:34 CEST 2001

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> pygame ( contains a sound library that works on
> *nix and Windows. It is based on several SDL libraries, so for
> cross-platform sound only, it might be overkill. But it's cool stuff
> nevertheless.

I went straight to instead and downloaded their SDL 1.2.2
sources. They have, indeed, a crossplatform sound system (covering unix'es,
mac and win32). Just compiling the soundsystem into a lib and writing a
python interface for it should be quite easy. It's licensed under LGPL. I
talked about libao previously, I checked that out again and it seems like
there is some windows support i the cvs at least, libao is licensed under

Both these libraries would suit my needs (libao would be the easiest to use
because the python stuff is already written afaik), but in the longer term..
The Python core needs (imho) a builtin soundsystem which works on all
platforms. Java has had this (though poorly implemented) from the beginning
i think. I realize that neither libao nor libsdl could make it into the
Python core because of their licenses (or could they?) - therefor I hope
that there is some kind of initiative going on somewhere to make Python a
bit more soundish! I would (as said) be happy to contribute to this if
needed but really need to know how to :)

Olov Johansson

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