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Wed Oct 31 21:59:20 CET 2001

"lance crocker" <jnlc at> wrote in message
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> i just tried putting that path into the autoexec file and rebooting.
> it didn't change anything i still get the same errors.
> when you go to open a file how do you do it? do you type python
> while you are in commandline mode or while you are in gui
> mode?
You type it in when you see the DOS command prompt - at the D:> prompt, or
whatever. It's obvious you are getting Python to run, otherwise you wouldn't
be seeing ">>>" as your prompt. But by the time you see that prompt it's too
late: you are already running Python. At that stage

    import hello

would work, but only once. After that you'd have to


The DOS command prompt has no GUI mode! Here's a session in which I do more
or less what you are trying to. In my case the "" program says hello
to you rather than the world.


D:\Steve>cd Projects\Python

Hello, Lance!


Got it?


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