Fame, Fortune and the Python Conference

Paul Prescod paul at ActiveState.com
Tue Oct 9 21:36:55 CEST 2001

Many of you will have submitted papers for the Python conference.
Whether you did or didn't, please consider another way to contribute to
the conference. You could submit a talks to the Web Services and
Protocols track, Zope or Tools tracks.

The Web Services and Protocols track is for anyone who is using Python
to communicate information between computers in an innovative way. You
can get involved with a simple email back to me saying you are
interested with a couple of sentences about your area of interest. I
will work with you to turn that into an abstract. You do not have to
submit a paper or anything else in advance. Just work with me on your
abstract and then show up at the conference with a fascinating talk. We
already have some well-known speakers signed up so you will be in good

Here are some areas of interest:

 * Jabber peer-to-peer protocol 
 * XML-based Web Services protocols (SOAP, XML-RPC) 
 * CORBA Distributed Computing Protocol 
 * Web Services Description Language 
 * Business Integration techniques ("B2B") 
 * Enterprise Application Integration techniques ("EAI")
 * Proprietary Protocols

Just send me a note this week (why not reply right row!) describing your
project with Python and protocols or web services and we'll work out
whether there is an abstract in there.

More info is available here:


Conference info (dates, location,etc.) is here:


 Paul Prescod

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