conditional expressions (RE: Loop-and-a-half (Re: Curious assignment behaviour))

Donn Cave donn at
Tue Oct 16 23:09:25 CEST 2001

Quoth "Steve Holden" <sholden at>:

[... my optimistic vision of how Python might finally stabilize snipped ...]

| I really feel you are overestimating the commitment to implement this in 2.2
| or indeed any other later release. Quite apart from the ickiness factor, it
| complicates reading programs for a beginner, does not actually solve that
| many real probelsm, and adds a new keyword to the language.
| If I were a gambling man (which I'm not, mostly because I hate losing) I'd
| give you even money that Python 2.2 will be unsullied by this particular
| wart.

I would have thought better than even odds.   2.2 is already in final
alpha release, from what I read.  I really don't intend to react
specifically to this feature.

I don't know what all is in 2.2.  For myself, I have no plan to upgrade
to 2.2, unless, at some point, if there's a consensus that it's the right
place to draw the line.  My point is, that place depends on how people
feel about 2.2.  If you buy my proposition that it's in our interest
to draw the line somewhere collectively, you should really think for
yourself about what's in 2.2 for you, before you upgrade.

If you really like 2.2's features, then go for it.  Even if you're later
turned off from 2.3 by something like ?: (and I wouldn't bet a nickel
?: isn't going to happen in 2.3), if you can wholeheartedly recommend
2.2 over 2.1, then that's obviously the right thing.  

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