Service not stopping

Mark Hammond MarkH at
Mon Oct 22 15:29:37 CEST 2001

belen at wrote:

> Yeah,
> The problem is that my program never gets to the while loop. Is there a 
> way of regaining control of the service process...Can I create then two 
> simultanous processes an control bot of them? Might the problem  have 
> been the way I have created  the scheduler process?

I have no idea what the scheduler process does, or what such a bot might 
do.  Threads work fine with services, so I suspect that may be your 
answer - the scheduler should probably create a new thread, and it's 
loop sets the self.hSched event.  The main service loop will then need 
to check the WFMO() result to see what request has been made.


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