why no RealPython yet?

Ron Stephens rdsteph at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 16 00:19:58 CEST 2001

Wow. Chris, I have heard great things about RealBasic. But I am a
Pythonista and committed to Kevin et al 's PythonCard. PythonCard is
really a great project! ;-)))

But I fear that the only missing piece to make PythonCard the greatest
programming environment of the entire Third Millennium is a really easy
to learn and use visual IDE-type envronment.

Wouldn't it be cool if you were to take on that part of the PythonCard
project, making sure to implement the RealBasic like functionality that
you crave, but leveraging it all on top of hte PythonCard developer's
hard work????

you may say I'm a dreamer...
but I'm not the only one

(i hope).;-)))))))


But I fear that

Chris Ryland wrote:

> If you're aware of the RAD tool RealBasic for the Mac (which produces
> single-file native executables for MacOS 9, X (Carbon-based) and
> Win32, without source changes), I wonder if you have any thoughts of
> why a similarly productive tool hasn't appeared for Mac/Win based on
> Python?
> If you're not aware of RealBasic, take a look (www.realbasic.com).
> It's quite impressive for what it does.
> And, yes, it's not as powerful a tool in some sense as something like
> BlackAdder, but it's oh so much more approachable (which is the point
> of RAD tools), and it produces all three platform binaries with one
> click, which is even more the point of tools for people in the
> commercial world whose targets are pretty much limited to Win32 and
> MacOS 8/9 and X.
> I'm almost tempted to produce a clone based on Python...

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