interpreter crashes

Paul Rubin phr-n2001d at
Mon Oct 29 08:32:57 CET 2001

barry at (Barry A. Warsaw) writes:
>     PR> The backtraces aren't very informative.  The evaluator is
>     PR> crashing, almost certainly due to data corruption having
>     PR> happened sometime earlier.  But sure, I'll include them.
> Try running your program under gdb.  Often, nonsense stack traces are
> caused by memory corruptions which can be caught much sooner under
> gdb, producing more usable stack traces.

The stack traces aren't nonsense--they're just innocuous, they show
that the interpreter was evaluating something about the way you'd
expect it to when the crash happened.  It will take more detailed
digging in the core dump, and better knowledge of the interpreter guts
than I currently have, to see what exactly is wrong.

Unfortunately, the crashes don't happen often enough for it to be
practical to run under gdb.

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