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>>Hi All,
>>  I want to display an HTML file on a Tkinter Canvas widget.  Do any
>>of you know how to do this?  The principle problem I have is that the
>>HTML file can display subscript and symbols and stuff, while
>>translated the HTML lines into text, you lose that.  I came up with
>>one solution that one could just capture the HTML off the browser and
>>turn it into a gif file and then display on the widget.  But I just
>>wanted to know if there is anything out there or any solution for

The best HTML widget for Tk is the TkHtml widget from This is a C coded HTML widget,
and is very fast and quite complete. If you want to see
a browser built on it, see BrowseX (http:/

It would not be hard to write a simple Tkinter wrapper for it;
if anyone has one please let me know. IMHO, it would make a nice
evolution path for Grail.

BTW, does Grail work with Python 2.x?


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