Problems With ColourSelect Box Inside A wxDialog

William Wonneberger wberger at
Mon Oct 8 22:23:51 CEST 2001


I'm trying to add a wxPython ColourSelect control to a wxDialog box
inside a Python script I've been working on.  To instantiate the
ColourSelect control, I've added the following statement to my Python

self.colorselect = ColourSelect(self, wxPoint(70, 200), [0, 0, 110],

where self is my own subclass of wxDialog.

When I run the script that contains the dialog with the ColourSelect
control, the dialog box displays, however, the ColourSelect control is
not visible.  And, when I quit the script, I receive the following

16:06:29: There were memory leaks.
16:06:29: ----- Memory dump -----
16:06:29: wxColour at $1133778, size 16
16:06:29: ----- Memory statistics -----
16:06:29: 1 objects of class wxColour, total size 16
16:06:29: Number of object items: 1
16:06:29: Number of non-object items: 0
16:06:29: Total allocated size: 16

(Note: in running the script with this dialog, I only displayed the
dialog box with the ColourSelect once).

And, to make sure I have the correct version of the ColourSelect
wxPython control, I updated to use the most current version of from Lorne White's web site

A couple of questions;

Am I instantiating the ColourSelect control correctly?
Am I missing an additional statement to enable or make visible the
ColourSelect dialog box?

I'm running ActivePython 2.1.1 Build 212, with the hybrid install of
wxPython 2.3.1 for Win32.  My platform is Windows 2000 Professional
with SP2 applied.

Any help or suggestions would be  greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time and help.

Bill Wonneberger
wberger at

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