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Bill Bell bill-bell at
Tue Oct 16 20:04:16 CEST 2001

CpJohnson at wrote, in part:
> I will be writing a Python application to run stand-alone on
> a PC.  Just to be different, I came up with the idea of using an
> HTML interface instead of something more conventional like Tkinter. 
> So the user interaction with the app would be via a web browser and
> input via CGI etc. I wondered if there is an application framework
> that would be suitable.  I took a quick look at Zope, and think that
> it would serious overkill to use it for my 5 form app. Anything
> else out there?

One possibility: You mentioned a 'PC' as your platform; let me jump 
to the conclusion that you are thinking of MSW.

IE5 supports a class of apps called HTAs (HTML Applications). I 
haven't tried writing one; however, Scott Roberts ("Programming 
MS IE5", MS Press) writes: "... you can create them using only 
DHTML and script. ... Chapter 4 covers them in more detail."

OK, now ponder the delightful fact that Python can function as a 
scripting language on MSW platforms (ref: Hammond & Robinson, 
"Python Programming on Win32").

Just place your five HTML forms in a convenient folder, along with 
their associated scripts (which might or might not be embedded) 
and an MS Access database and, heh, presto, an app!

Just tell us how it goes.

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