A little amusing Python program

Tom Good Tom_Good1 at excite.com
Fri Oct 5 22:55:41 CEST 2001

Jeff Sandys <sandysj at juno.com> wrote in message news:<3BBCBA9F.D1777976 at juno.com>...
> What a clever little program.  I have felt for a long 
> time that a program that passes the Turing test will 
> use the web as a corpus of data.
> Microsoft showed a similar program at the IJCAI that 
> would answer questions.  It answered some questions 
> like "What is A.I." and "Who made the movie A.I.", but 
> when asked "Who is Bill Gates married to" it's reply 
> was "I'm not sure, either Malinda French or Microsoft" 
> Another program shown at an AI conference was a 
> document classifier.  To determine which folder to add 
> the document to, it simply compare the size of the 
> tarred folders before and after adding the document. 
> Of all the AI programs used for document sorting it 
> came closest to a human sorter.
> Thanks,
> Jeff Sandys

I don't get that last part.  How does comparing the size of the
folders before and after do anything useful?  Wouldn't all of the
folders increase by the size of the file?


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