Serial Package for Mac OsX

Jim Gurnavage gurnavage at
Tue Oct 30 17:02:58 CET 2001

Anyone have a working serial package that will allow you to talk to a serial
port in OsX?  ctb (communications tool box) is not supported in OsX, and if run
in the classic mode (OS 9 mode), ctb.Open() will crash the interpreter.

If not, can the CTB package be built under OsX; that is, is it worth the effort
for a total newbie Mac developer and Python developer like myself to attempt to
climb the learning curve to get CTB to work on OsX?

On a similar vein, is there any real platform-independent device I/O library for
python (specifically, to access a serial I/O device such as a modem)?

Jim Gurnavage

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