HTMLParser : Record title tags. More info?

Paul Lim paullim at
Fri Oct 19 19:47:48 CEST 2001


I am a newbie in Python. I hope the guru can advise me.

I am trying to record the title of links in a html document. If the
opening tag has a title value, I need to record this value. If the title
does not exist, I need to record the text between the opening <A> and
closing </A>. Does anyone have any idea how should we do it?

I know I have to use
def start_a(self, attr):
 def end_a(self):

I would like to read more about the methods that can be used in
I have tried to read the python documentation but it is too brief and I
don't really understand how to utilize the methods. Is there any sites
where I can read more?

Thank you very much.


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