Python questions -> compiler and datatypes etc

billy_bill_1 at billy_bill_1 at
Mon Oct 8 08:32:15 CEST 2001


I've been using php for ages for webdev and I don't like it. It lacks 
so many simple features, and I can't be bothered using Java to use 
those features. IMHO java is not suited for specific web development. 
So I find python, I like python. Python has everything I need, except 
(apparently) the ability to encode it (php: Zend Encoder) or compile 
it into Bytecode like java. It seems its not nearly as fast as java. 
(Acceptable in most cases though).

Are there any products coming out involving compilation of python? 
Like a 2 stage interpreter like java... that would be tops... speed 
and ability to sheild source code from prying and tampering eyes.

Does python have the ability to let the programmer change between 
strongly typed and loosly typed as needs be?

python support function overloading? variable length parameter lists?

If python doesn't support these features, could anyone redirect me to 
a language that does?


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