Is there a small Python runtime environment installer?

Tex Riddell tex_r at
Fri Oct 19 03:58:26 CEST 2001

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> > I have some useful scripts that I'd like to share with someone that
> > doesn't have Python.  He doesn't want to install all of Python right
> > now (like examples, utilities, source, IDE's and tk - yuck), he'd
> > rather just have an executable or install a simple runtime library and
> > run my script.
> >
> Probably the closest thing you'll find is PythonWare's distributions:
> Probably not what you want, but the closest I know about.
> regards
>  Steve
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Thank you, this is getting closer to what I was looking for.  It does have
the ease of install (no options), but this can be a curse as well as a
blessing.  If it had features broken down by major area, like core runtime &
libs (required), Tkinter (optional), Imaging (optional), Sount toolkit
(optional), it would be nice.

There are a couple of things that it's still lacking, however:
- environment setup (so .py files are recognized etc...).  This would of
course break it's ability to co-exist with another distro of python
environment, unless it detected that associations already existed and left
them alone.
- and much less importantly: pre-compilation and compression of .py

Still, this is my best option so far.  Thanks, Steve...

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