Python + wxPython database app

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Fri Oct 19 08:14:30 CEST 2001


You might want to take a look at reportlab's open source PDF generation tool
for your reporting engine.  If your interested in using PDF's as your
repoting medium check out

"Michael Ekstrand" <engedi at> wrote in message
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> Hello,
> I am beginning work on a large database application, primarily for the
> Win32 platform, and I would like to write it in Python with wxPython
> if at all possible.
> However, I have one problem.  I need access to an advanced reporting
> engine.  I'd like to use Crystal Reports - is there a way to use the
> Crystal Reports viewer from Python/wxWindows?  If there is another
> fairly complete reporting engine that would integrate better into
> Python/wxWindows, I would be more than willing to consider it.
> Pythonwin may also be an option for me, if it is easier to integrate a
> reporting engine into it.  However, I'm not terribly keen on that
> option due to lack of documentation (or is there documentation I am
> not aware of?).
> And my final option (besides pure Visual Basic, which I don't really
> want to do) is a Visual Basic GUI and a Python business logic layer -
> but this seems like it would be a lot of extra debugging, or am I
> wrong somehow?
> Any advice would be most appreciated!
> Thank you,
> Michael

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