Zope vs PHP for the Linux guru

Richard Jones richard at bizarsoftware.com.au
Fri Oct 5 01:03:40 CEST 2001

On Friday 05 October 2001 08:24, Cameron Laird wrote:
> Zope development is breathtakingly swift--in the hands
> of an expert.  As wonderful as Zope is, though, it's
> hard to make a case that it's easy to learn.  It's pro-
> bably the case that it lacks just the right bit of
> documentation, or examples, or something; in any case,
> newcomers consistently report rather extended intervals
> before they "get" the Zope way of working.

The new Zope Book (freely downloadable) is a really good effort to remedy 

> In principle, you can do lots of neat stuff with Zope
> "out of the box".  In practice, there's enough of some-
> thing missing from the documentation that few beginners
> realize at the beginning what they can do with Zope.
> PHP database support is unmatched.  Zope supports lots
> of DBs, but they're not all built-in, as with PHP.  On
> the other hand, you seem actively involved only with
> MySQL and SQL Server, so maybe you don't need much da-
> tabase support.

Zope supports a whole lot of stuff that doesn't ship with it - something I 
hope to remedy. And it's a bit of a pain for a point-n-click user to get 
started with - another thing I hope to remedy :)

See http://dev.zope.org/Wikis/DevSite/Proposals/BatteriesIncludedDistribution

> It does NOT support "Web server farming" of the sort
> I suspect you have in mind, though.  There's no parti-
> cular reason it doesn't (and maybe someone's fixed
> this recently); it's just that no one's gone to the
> trouble of making it a reality.

I'm not sure of the specifics, but doesn't ZEO handle this?


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