font diaplay problem in IDLE

Oktay Safak oktay_safak at
Wed Oct 3 19:45:48 CEST 2001

Hi all,

I asked about this on the tutor list but got no
answer. Maybe some of you knows  a solution.

I use to use turkish encoding, the
console gets it right but on IDLE, the characters
special to my language are not displayed properly,
some other funny characters are shown instead. When I
write some text to a file and inspect the file with
notepad I see that the characters are OK. So IDLE does
what I want but does not show it properly. I tried to
configure IDLE by changing the font it uses for
display from its config file but somehow a sans-serif
font shows up instead of courier new, and it still
shows the wrong encoding. Any ideas? German and French
fellows might have had a similar problem I guess.


Oktay Safak

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