Newbie question about running scripts

Lenny lenpfe at
Sun Oct 7 15:50:30 CEST 2001

I would like to thank Chris and Joshua for the information they gave
me. I forgot to let you know I am using Win98SE. I tried adding the
"set Path" string to the autoexe. file and restarting. By doing this,
I was able to run the string I wrote once I rewrote it in Notepad and
used explorer to get into the folder that it is stored in. It would
not run unless I had that folder open. Is that the way it should work.
Just for the heck of it to see if that did anything, I removed it from
autoexe. and the file would not run.

I tried downloading a lesson plan from a kids summer camp. This
included step by step lesson plans and sample programs and activites.
I was doing well until they got to the import command. I downloaded
the mod, then tried writing the program but it immediately came back
with"unable to locate file". Am I supposed to load mods to a
particular folder or list an additional path in the autoexe. file for
the location of these mods, or do I need to have the folder opened on
the desktop in the background in order for it to see it.

I appologize for these questions that I know are far below what you
are normally used to answer, but I cant seem to find this info out
from any of the tutorials or help folders. It seems that most of the
tutorial assume that you know this already or you are having an
experienced programmer help you. Please let me know if I should use
another message board for these basic questions. I dont want to use up
space on your site if these questions are inappropriate. I am kinda
looking to you all as my "experienced programmers". As I said before,
I had programmed with COBOL, BASIC, and FORTRAN in the early 80's but
things have gotten much more advanced since then.

Again, Thank you for all your help with these questions.

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