python + xml performance compared to Java and C++ ??

Paul Boddie paul at
Mon Oct 15 16:53:42 CEST 2001

philipprw at (Philipp Weinfurter) wrote in message news:<slrn9slemc.r8.philipprw at>...
> dunno about java, but the C++ versions of the apache tools are
> much much faster than anything you can do with python. but that's
> kinda obvious, since XSLT processing ist quite CPU intensive.
> same goes with building large DOM trees. i guess with SAX you'd
> be better off, using pure python. 

What about the Python wrappers around Xerces and Xalan, recently
announced on comp.lang.python.announce?

> philipp
> (who thinks that XSLT is the ugliest language ever designed)

XSLT seems to be related to SAX (programmed with some mythical
language) as PSP is related to Python and JSP is related to Java. So,
of course it isn't going to look nice. ;-)


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