Why so few Python jobs? (and licenses)

Carel Fellinger cfelling at iae.nl
Tue Oct 9 21:06:18 CEST 2001

Mark <mmealman at tarsis.org> wrote:
> No. If I wrote a module and placed it under the GPL, I still own the
> copyright on that module.
> That gives me the right to release that code under any other license as I
> see fit, even though I can never take away anyone's right to use it under
> the GPL.

That depends.  IIRC, if you get substantial contributions from a
particular person that person owns the copyrights for his/her
contributions.  Small contributions, on the other hand, *probably*
don't `leak' copyright, so if you only accept small patches you might
be safe, in general you aren't.

> IMHO submitting patches to a program does not give you any copyright hold
> over that program, although I don't think it's been legally tested yet.

Ofcourse you don't get copyright over the full program, but you get to
keep the copyright of your own patches, atleast when they are
sufficient substantial.
groetjes, carel

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