What happened to Python for BeOS?

Donn Cave donn at drizzle.com
Tue Oct 2 07:47:38 CEST 2001

Quoth Nomad <nomad***@***freemail.absa.co.za>:
|> It has been there since April 30.
|> Version 2.0 is easier to build on BeOS, and the Stackless patches for
|> 2.0 work, at least for modest use of continuations.  (Microthreads
|> crashed the interpreter, for me.)  Your choice.
|> 	Donn Cave, donn at u.washington.edu

| One problem though, the link to the source code didn't work for me, is
| the tarball still there?

The source URL just pointed to somewhere at http://www.python.org,
for the standard source distribution.  If the bebits version isn't
helpful, I'm sure you can find that source without it.

	Donn Cave, donn at drizzle.com

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