Is Stackless Python DEAD?

Bill Tate tatebll at
Sat Oct 27 21:12:52 CEST 2001

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Christian Tismer is probably the best to answer this but I will put my
2 cents in on this.  First off - I pray that stackless becomes part of
the core distribution of python.  Continuations (the core of
Stackless) is WORTH THE TIME getting to know in any event.  While the
concept of continuations is difficult to grasp at first, I struggle
with it myself, I would encourage anyone to look at some of the
examples Gordon McMillan has put up on his sight.  He has working
examples and code that drive home some of the fundamentals of
continuations and their benefits.

Its also an ideal architecture from which to build scalable
application servers since continuations are very lightweight as
compared to threads and they work extremely well with sockets.  There
are other benefits to them as well - again check Gordon's site.

I would also suggest checking out - under the FAQs
section - search for stackless and why they are using python and
stackless as their gaming engine!!!

In every respect, I believe Christian's work advances Python in very
meaningful ways in terms of flexibility and performance.  It is stable
and snap to install.

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