Quick GUI Questions - Seeking Advice

J. Kenney kenney at netacc.net
Wed Oct 10 17:41:59 CEST 2001

I have a really quick concern, that is which gui toolkit, (wxPython,
TK, etc) to do some simple graphics works.  I have been programming in
python for many years but have never really gotton into graphics
(other than with the web).

All I need to do is, create a windows program where the screen has 3
the first is a large window where I can move the mouse over the window
knowing where it is at, track mouse clicks, and draw.  while the other
two are just for data entry/output.

I just dont know how to create a window that I can draw in and take
mouseclick/position information.  Somewhat like a paint program, but I
want to have the program ask questions in the other windows after a
mouseclick, and I really dont plan on having the user be able to draw

Any suggestions, pointers, or locations of software would be very

Thanks in advance,

J. Kenney
I possible please reply to kenney at netacc.net as well as the newsgroup.

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