Steve Holden sholden at
Tue Oct 9 20:59:17 CEST 2001

I would have characterised this attack as a GUI denial-of-service, not a
Trojan horse. A Trojan horse is an exploit which collects information from
an unsuspecting user and stores or transmits it for use by the third party.
Such misinformation does not lend credibility. The code involved was a
simple infinite alert loop.

Other newsgroups I do not read were removed from this posting.

Sheesh, now we're getting *bots* posting to [sorry, Tim <wink>].


"Dr Solomon's Virus Patrol" <Virus.Patrol at> wrote in message
news:3bc343a0.fba6e0c5.c0a801.00.R at
> WARNING! A trojan has been found in an article posted to
> the following newsgroup(s):
>  comp.lang.javascript, alt.config, comp.lang.perl.misc, comp.lang.python,
>  comp.os.linux.misc
> Message header follows:
> >Message-Id: <a90580a3.ace1cf70 at>
> >From: "dvus" <dven1 at>
> >Subject: YOU ARE ALL GAY!
> >Date: 09 Oct 2001 15:11:40 GMT
> Dr Solomon's FindVirus/VirusScan report follows:
>  Dr Solomon's FindVirus IN-HOUSE version. Copyright (c) 1999 Network
Associates Inc.
>  Virus data file v9999 created Oct 08 2001
>  Scanning for 58978 viruses, trojans and variants.
>  [HTML part] ... Found the JS/Loop trojan !!!
> You can download a free evaluation (yet fully functional) copy of
> the latest released version of Dr Solomon's FindVirus/VirusScan from
> the following locations:
>  WWW:
> IMPORTANT! The trojan has been detected by the latest IN-HOUSE version of
> Dr Solomon's FindVirus/VirusScan. As new viruses and trojans appear at the
> of several hundreds a month, the latest RELEASED version of
> might be unable to detect this particular trojan. If you have downloaded
the above
> file and your copy of FindVirus/VirusScan does not detect the trojan in
> contact Network Associates Technical support and ask for the extra driver
> to detect the JS/Loop trojan.
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> NAI Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team         US Support: support at
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