(Solution) Re: Problem with embedding - can only make about 150 calls...

Mads Bondo Dydensborg madsdyd at challenge.dk
Sun Oct 7 20:42:30 CEST 2001

On Sun, 7 Oct 2001, Skip Montanaro wrote:

>     Mads> I found a solution
>     >> static PyObject * MyTest(PyObject * self, PyObject *args) {
>     >> return Py_None;
>     Mads> return Py_BuildValue("");
>     >> }
> One problem with your Py_None return is that you didn't Py_INCREF it first.
> Over time Py_None's refcount may well have dropped to zero.  Blammo!
> Py_BuildValue("") returns an INCREF'd object.

Yes, I understand this now. Boy do I feel silly.


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