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>IIRC one of the wxPython demos provides already - at least partially - what
>you are looking for.
>"J. Kenney" <kenney at netacc.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
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>> I have a really quick concern, that is which gui toolkit, (wxPython,
>> TK, etc) to do some simple graphics works.  I have been programming in
>> python for many years but have never really gotton into graphics
>> (other than with the web).
>> All I need to do is, create a windows program where the screen has 3
>> parts,
>> the first is a large window where I can move the mouse over the window
>> knowing where it is at, track mouse clicks, and draw.  while the other
>> two are just for data entry/output.
>> I just dont know how to create a window that I can draw in and take
>> mouseclick/position information.  Somewhat like a paint program, but I
There are demonstrations with Tkinter and PyQt that
do much the same.  My vote would be for Tkinter,
simply because this should minimize Mr. Kenney's
installation chores.  What would help him most,
though, I suspect, is a recipe from one of us which
supplies precise details on a specific demonstration
and tutorial.  I know I'll not soon make the time
for that ...

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