Desperate help required for Python assignment

Grant Edwards grante at
Wed Oct 17 19:55:17 CEST 2001

In article <602c058e.0110162347.268591ce at>, Nachiket wrote:

> I am new to Python doing a crash course in University.  I have a
> assignment to submit in two days the specifications of which are:
>  Please can some of the Gurus on this newsgroup help me out with a
> working solution as with my limited knowledge i am no position to
> handle this assignment in two days.

You're asking for help you commit academic fraud by doing your
assignment for you so that you can turn it in as your own work?
If I were you I'd be a little worried that my prof might be
reading the group and figure out who you are.

I'd be happy to answer questions about Python, but I'm not
going to do your homework assignment for you.

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