Python Cookbook: last call for recipes for printed version

Robin Becker robin at
Sat Oct 13 10:25:48 CEST 2001

In article <a05ac97c.0110121648.69e6df41 at>, Laura
Lewin <LLewin at> writes
>There were some early press releases when we announced the Cookbook
>that described the co-publishing arrangement between ActiveState and
>O'Reilly.  Here's a link to an ORA dispatch from Python 9 that
>introduced the Cookbook:
>Also, as Alex points out, David clearly states on the site that the
>"partnership between ActiveState and O’Reilly provides the
>resources necessary to help bring this book to life. Furthermore,
>O'Reilly plans to publish a selection of the recipes in a paper
>volume." In addition, when you actually submit a recipe, you are
>brought directly to a page with a letter from me talking about
>publishing rights and O'Reilly's plans.
>Let me know if you have any questions, and please do contribute--we
>have plenty of room for more recipes but time is running out.
>LLewin at
>bobh at (Robert) wrote in message 
seems there are only 7 editors' choice recipes, so is that really enough
for a cookbook?
Robin Becker

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