self naming class?

Luigi Ballabio ballabio at
Thu Oct 18 17:19:36 CEST 2001

At 10:05 PM 10/18/01 +1000, Serge Rey wrote:
>i'm trying to create a class that assigns a name attribute in such a way
>that the name is set equal to the name of the instance. for example:
>test = MyClass()
>so that == "test"

         sorry I'm not here with an answer to your question.
I see a phylosophical problem with the above, which is, "test" is not the 
name of your instance but rather the name of a reference to such instance.
What I mean is, assume that you find out how to make it work: you will have 
the problem that if you write

 >>> test = MyClass()
 >>> test2 = test

test and test2 are two references that point to the same instance, and 
you're in big trouble _defining_ what is in this case. It would 
seem reasonable to expect

 >>> print
 >>> print

but this is not possible as they point to the same object, and 
will at all times be the same as This is also true for ids: 
id(test) is equal to id(test2), so that I don't think one has a way to 
distinguish the two instances....

Sorry for increasing your problems rather than decreasing them,

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