ANN: OSE 7.0b9 is now available.

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at
Tue Oct 16 03:33:36 CEST 2001

OSE 7.0b9 is now available.

At its core, OSE is a C++ class library for general purpose programming,
but also includes support for building event driven systems and distributed
applications using a request/reply and publish/subscribe style service
agent framework. The ability to interact with an application is facilitated
using a HTTP servlet framework and RPC over HTTP interfaces.

In short, OSE could be said to take technology from message oriented
middleware, application server and web service technology and wraps it all
into one.

Although C++ at its core, OSE also provides wrappers for the Python
programming language. This mix means that OSE serves as a useful platform
for building standalone or distributed applications in Python, C++ or a mix
of both. Its support of both XML-RPC and SOAP protocols through a single
service interface makes it ideal for building web based services.

Further information on OSE and the software itself, can be found at:

This includes over 100 pages of documentation on the Python interfaces alone.
The Python documentation can be viewed on the site as HTML, or as a single
PDF file at:

OSE is released under the QPL. This release is the culmination of over 10
years of development, OSE first being available over the Internet in 1993.

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