odbc introspection

Christophe Delarue cdelarue at bigfoot.com
Wed Oct 24 12:25:57 CEST 2001

I'am new as a child in windows. But I would like to query DB through
the odbc interface from Sam's dynwin or the Hammon's win32 interface.
We have got a SQLServer database on a server. I've created a ODBC link
on my local PC.

When I connect through Access to this DB I can see all the tables
(there is a table named ``dbo_SITE'') and their column in a graphical

If I connect to this DB trough python.odbc, I can only do SELECT
requests. If I do SQL query like 'SELECT * FROM dbo_SITE', an error
raise saying there is no table wich this name. This query work on
through the access api.

How could I have the list of tables names present on this connection ?

Once I've got the table names I saw how to browse their columns.

Right now I make an export in DB3 format, convert to gadfly ! (That is
not a good solution to be on time)

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