Nicer Tkinter on UNIX?

jason petrone jp at
Wed Oct 31 21:43:33 CET 2001

Artur Skura <arturs at> wrote:
> I fully appreciate and share your opinion, but I have to write something
> for folks who are completely clueless. I don't think they will be able to
> install additional libraries.

There once was a time when any hip X11 program looked like NeXT.  Since a few 
people wrote some hip TCL/Tk programs they got the bright idea to create a
version of Tk that looked like NeXT.

I don't think it is still actively maintained, but Tkstep looks a lot better
than standard Tk(if you like NeXT).  It should be a clean replacement for Tk
in python.

This requires installing extra system libraries though, though not extra python


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