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Thu Oct 18 19:09:00 CEST 2001

The built-in function exec will do this for you (or use eval, if
it's a expression).

But exec is dangerous, because it enables your users to do anything
that Python can do.  If this is too much power, then look at
'rexec' (Restricted execution framework) in the Python standard

And, if _you_ want to implement the commands that your users
execute, then take a look at 'cmd' (Support for line-oriented
command interpreters) in the Python standard library.

Also, if you want users to enter and execute Python code
interactively, then I believe you will want to look at 'code'
(Interpreter base classes) in the Python standard library.  You
will find an example of it's use in Tools/idle in the Python source
code distribution.

  - Dave

A <printers at> wrote:
> Hello,
> In my application I  would like to allow users to add/use basic  
> python  commands but I do not want users to change my code of 
> application directly.
> For example my program expects 
> telephone. number in  format 
> +442076812563
> but a user sometimes may want to 
> supply
> 0044  207 681 2563
> (please note a blank).
> Then the user would need
> to use  STRING.JOIN  Python function  to get from the user's input 
> (0044  207 681 2563) the string that my program expects 
> (+442076812563)
> Does anyone have any idea how to do that? 
> Thank you for help
> Ladislav

Dave Kuhlman
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