a new hope for office-tools scripting in Python...

Alex Martelli aleax at aleax.it
Mon Oct 1 00:23:41 CEST 2001

Still in alpha, but...:

two layers of scripting that will be available in HancomOffice 2.0. One is 
aimed at programmers, and the other at non-technical users. All 
applications will share the ability to do raw Python scripting, which 
Gordon compares to Visual Basic. The apps will also share a more 
user-oriented scripting capability called AV, built on top of Python

This is all I know about it (I hit upon it while looking for a way to 
finally and definitively pension off MS Word and thus never have to boot 
into Windows any more -- unfortunately StarWord 5.2 isn't happy with 
O'Reilly's styles, sigh -- and HancomWord 2.0 is "farthest from release" 
according to the article, so I'll have to keep suffering for now...), but I 
thought some c.l.p readers could be as interested as I was.

The 'Gordon' mentioned is CEO of theKompany as well as the new 
HancomWhatever firm that's making this HancomOffice multiplatform office 
suite, BTW.  They're definitely not new to doing good Linux stuff, in other 
words:-).  And I'm in love with KDE 2.2, but that's another story:-).


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