Conditional Expressions don't solve the problem

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Tue Oct 30 15:15:18 CET 2001

Christopher A. Craig (com-nospam at wrote:
: salemail at (Kevin D) writes:

: > So, to fix those problems a solution must:
: > 
: > 1) Allow the loop's "load" code to exist just once, preferably
: > somewhere near the terminating condition.
: > 2) Have the terminating condition near the "while", and of the right
: > "polarity".
: > 3) To be Pythonic, have an obvious meaning.
: > 

: I personnally don't like your suggestion as they are mind numbingly ugly and
: remind me of the Algol 60 loops.  I wish Python had initially adopted

:   do:
:     <statements>
:     until <condition>
:     <statements>

: Which is, of course, behaves identically to

:   while 1:
:     <statements>
:     if <condition>: break
:     <statements>

: but is prettier.  But I don't see the increased readability being sufficient
: to warrant the change.  Additionally I think that the present system is not
: that hard to adapt to.

And even prettier is:
  until condition:
with the indentation highlighting the places where an "exit" from the loop
can happen under control.

	David Pick

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