wxPython and Tkinter

Cameron Laird claird at starbase.neosoft.com
Tue Oct 9 15:51:08 CEST 2001

In article <3daa1aa8.0110080841.526a6cc2 at posting.google.com>,
Jeffrey <jmsun at bioeng.ucsd.edu> wrote:
>I was wondering if anybody knew if it was possible to have wxPython
>widget be placed on a Tkinter Canvas Widget.  wxPython has a HTML
>displayer and I wanted to display HTML on the Tkinter Canvas Widget.
>						Thanks,	
>							Jeff

Yes and no.  No, I know of no one who has melded wxPython and
Tkinter; however, Tk-ers have been experimenting with hybridized
toolkits during the last year or so.  It would take serious, but
finite, effort to provide the same for Python.

Tkinter doesn't build in an HTML widget--I assume the htmllib-
formatter combination doesn't satisfy you.  I thought PMW
provided one, but now I can't find it.  The Tk people have a
couple <URL: mini.net/tcl/2335 >, but I don't know that anyone's
gone to the trouble of packaging them for Tkinter.  

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