Looking for Python & Zope Gurus' Résumés!

Chris Abraham cja at dds.nl
Tue Oct 23 23:21:24 CEST 2001

Gurus & Geeks: 

I would like to have a file of Python, and Zope coders who are available for 
short-term, long-term, contract, sub-contract work, project-based, and 
"crap, it broke can you fix it?" work.  

Either in the Washington Metro Area or via Telecommuting.  If you are out 
of the DC-Area, please send your resume anyway, and I will keep it on file. 
 I am getting lots of requests and I want to make sure that I have loads of 
people who might be interested in the projects.

Please send your résumé and an hourly, day, and salary range and I will 
do what I can. 


Chris Abraham 
chris abraham <cja at dds.nl> washington, dc 20003-0163 united states

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