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Fri Oct 5 17:00:30 CEST 2001

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> On 05-Oct-2001 Steve Holden wrote:
>  >  Well, I could even take exception to the word "it", since there are
>  >  different Englishes.
> The following is hearsay:
> An English royalty is said to have claimed "English is not a worldwide
> language - bad English is."


The proper term for a singular member of the English royalty is 'royal'.

"... is said to have claimed..."  is better written as "...supposedly
claimed.."  The passive voice is poor style.

The '-' is properly written as '--' with no spaces on either side.

So, your revised statement would be:

An English Royal supposedly claimed: "English is not a worldwide
language--bad english is."



I now return you to our regularly scheduled GPL war...

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