why no RealPython yet?

Chris Ryland cpr at emsoftware.com
Mon Oct 15 21:58:32 CEST 2001

If you're aware of the RAD tool RealBasic for the Mac (which produces
single-file native executables for MacOS 9, X (Carbon-based) and
Win32, without source changes), I wonder if you have any thoughts of
why a similarly productive tool hasn't appeared for Mac/Win based on

If you're not aware of RealBasic, take a look (www.realbasic.com).
It's quite impressive for what it does.

And, yes, it's not as powerful a tool in some sense as something like
BlackAdder, but it's oh so much more approachable (which is the point
of RAD tools), and it produces all three platform binaries with one
click, which is even more the point of tools for people in the
commercial world whose targets are pretty much limited to Win32 and
MacOS 8/9 and X.

I'm almost tempted to produce a clone based on Python...

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