Bugfix releases (RE: profiler results for __getattr__, am I reading this correctly ? )

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Thu Oct 18 09:58:04 CEST 2001

>>> "Tim Peters" wrote
> The bugfix release process is the topic of Aahz's PEP 6, who may have
> believed that titling it "Bug Fix Releases" was enough clue <wink>:

Ah, that cunning "hidden in plain sight" approach. Who'd have thought.

It still doesn't cover the process of deciding what would go in the
patch release... I know that I'd be happier upgrading to 2.1.2 than
2.2 in the next couple of months - and given the peasants-are-revolting
sentiment of c.l.py at the moment, I doubt I'm the only one...

How would this sound as a first cut at a what-goes-in-and-what-stays:

   a) bugfixes.
   b) no new modules, no new packages.
   c) no new methods on classes, unless they're bugfixes.
   d) if the bug fix relies on some 2.2-ism, then it's either rewritten,
      or ignored and relnoted


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