python process killed

Oleg Broytmann phd at
Sun Oct 7 21:12:04 CEST 2001

On Sun, Oct 07, 2001 at 01:13:26PM -0400, Steve Holden wrote:
> > I was trying to run a giant program, which generates something like
> > 200 million lines of data and write to a file. The python program
> > stops in between and just displays "Killed" after terminating.
> >
> > Can i avoid this abrupt killing of the program and force it to run
> > completely.
> >
> Another request for "psychic Python" debugging :-)
> You give no details of your environment: Windows (if so which flavor),
> Python version?

   The word "killed" instead of Blue Screen suggests it is a kind of UNIX
or GNU/Linux.

> In the absence of more data, I might surmise you are running under Unix of
> some flavor, and the shell is killing your process because it has exceeded
> the process resource limits. Does this help at all?

   User limits (ulimits) is the first thing I suspect, too.

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