python + xml performance compared to Java and C++ ??

Dave Kuhlman dkuhlman at
Tue Oct 23 19:12:59 CEST 2001

As suggested in this thread, Python processing of XML can be quite
fast when the underlying parser is written C or C++. 


1. expat is available to Python in pyexpat.

2. The parsers and XSLT processor at have been
wrapped and made available to Python (see

3. Python support for the Apache tools (Xerces and Xalan) is in

4. PyXML and 4Suite provide drivers for pyexpat and sgmlop, both of
which are written in C.

For those who want _fast_ XML processing, that seems like pretty
good coverage to me.

If you use one of the above parsers, then the issue becomes how
much logic and processing time you add in Python.

  - Dave

Brian Quinlan <BrianQ at> wrote:
> Markus wrote:
>> hello
>> does anyone have experiences how fast xml processing
>> and XSLT processing with python (using PyXML and 4Suite tools)
>> is, compared to Java and C++ (using the apache tools, like
>> Xalan, Xerces....)
> Fortunately, there are two projects that are working on providing
> bridges between the C++ versions of Xalan and Xerces and Python:
> Pyana is focused on providing Xalan's transformation capabilities to
> Python scripts:
> Pirxx is focused on providing an interface to Xerces, right now it
> only provides SAX2 drivers but work is on-going:
> (don't know where the docs are)
> Cheers,
> Brian

Dave Kuhlman
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