Peter van Kampen pterk at
Thu Oct 25 03:50:20 CEST 2001

In article <mailman.1003964907.14974.python-list at>, Cliff Wells wrote:
>I'm trying to add a "Contact Us" button to a Python app.  Using the smtplib 
>module was straightforward and works from Linux using 'localhost' as the 
>server (sendmail handles it), but this doesn't work on a Windows box.  I 
>worked around this by using our ISP's mail server which works fine if I am 
>sending the email (even if I send it using a different email address for the 
>sender) from my PC or from a coworkers.  However - I tried it on someone 
>else's Windows PC who uses AOL (blech) and it failed with SMTPSenderRefused.  


My guess is your ISP allows the use of the mailservers from within
their network. From your own pc you can therefor send mail with
whatever address as the sender, which is fine - if such
mail causes trouble they can always trace it to you. They will not
allow computer from a different network (such as AOL) to use their

If you have a dial-up account (or you have a decent
dsl/cable provider) you can dial in to your ISP from whatever PC to
check if this works. You can also substitute your isp's mailserver
with the aol-mailserver to check it from the aol computer.



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