signum() not in math?

Tim Peters at
Thu Oct 18 05:26:23 CEST 2001

[Dinu Gherman]
> ...
> To prevent some folks from getting me wrong: I *do* like Py-
> thon and 2.2 will be likely the best Python there ever was,
> but I fail to understand why people don't care to make a damn
> jolly good product even better?

So let's ask:  everyone on please send a msg to Dinu explaining why
you personally haven't submitted a patch to add signum() <wink>.

> All it takes in this case is to undust a few corners of the
> standard library and give it back some of the "ease-of-use"/
> "battery-inluded" philosophy that it used to be advocated
> with.
> Now,-that-would-certainly-deserve-a-PEP'ly,

Without a PEP, and without anyone contributing code, docs and a test suite,
it's a safe bet nothing will happen.

batteries-are-best-when-they-can-power-more-than-one-toy-ly y'rs  - tim

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