python + xml performance compared to Java and C++ ??

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>Markus Jais <mjais at> wrote:
>>does anyone have experiences how fast xml processing
>>and XSLT processing with python (using PyXML and 4Suite tools)
>>is, compared to Java and C++ (using the apache tools, like
>>Xalan, Xerces....)
>dunno about java, but the C++ versions of the apache tools are
>much much faster than anything you can do with python. but that's
>kinda obvious, since XSLT processing ist quite CPU intensive.
>same goes with building large DOM trees. i guess with SAX you'd
>be better off, using pure python. 
>(who thinks that XSLT is the ugliest language ever designed)

There are several issues here, as so often is the case
with performance questions.

4Suite simply is not designed for performance, from all
I know.  It's really quite slow, even compared to some
of the Java-oriented engines, whose advertising exceeds
their performance.

I have ideas about "quick fixes" that might work with
pyXML and 4Suite to accelerate their performance a great
deal.  They'd no longer be "pure Python" in the sense
they are today.  Yes, I agree that this appears to be an
area where C codings have jumped quite a bit ahead of
what's generally available in Python.

'Everyone aware of the new XSLT book from O'Reilly?  That
might palliate, at least, a bit of the sentiment about its

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